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A painting is composed of materials arranged on a plane that reflect and absorb light. The Composite (New Synthetics) paintings are made from a two sided plastic film which is used to manage light for hydroponic grow rooms. (Hydroponics is a technology for growing plants in synthesized nutrient solutions rather than soil - the traditional medium and substrate of agricultural.) The black side of the material absorbs light and the white side reflects it. Surface irregularities (wrinkles, folds, and draping) are removed as the film is heat polished to a mirror smooth surface, so that the realization of the painting plane, as well as the composition is accomplished, not by a transference of material (as in traditional painting), but by a transference of energy, the amount and intensity of which exceed the film's engineered tolerances. All of this occurs within the thin space of the light absorbing and reflecting film, made thinner through the act of heating, so that the material come picture plane becomes the membrane between function and representation.

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